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Running for a good cause

In cooperation with our partners from Nangu Thina e.V. and Sinothando e.V., under the patronage of the Umckaloabo foundation, single runners and teams will participate in different running events over the whole year, running for building up a secondary school in Greater Durban/South Africa. And we need you to join and support us!

Donate in terms of „donation-per-kilometer“ for the runners of the team Umckaloabo. The pharmaceutical company Dr. Willmar Schwabe will double every Euro donated to the foundation up to a total amount of €50,000, in favour of underprivileged children and teenagers in South Africa. You may choose which runner you would like to support and which amount you would like to donate per kilometre for that runner. The entire revenue will be doubled and then go towards the development of a secondary school in South Africa. You will find a list of the runners in the donation form

Run with us for the good cause! You may also get active yourself and dedicate your run by joining us at this year’s Marathon on 23.09.2018 in Karlsruhe (or running any other event) to the Africa Run of the Umckaloabo foundation. Just send us a short e-mail and we will add you to the team of runners.

The Project

Supporting a secondary school in Phoenix near Durban/South Africa 

We want to support the Northmead Secondary School to improve learning and teaching conditions so that all students have the best educational opportunities possible and can develop a positive perspective for their lives.

The Northmead Secondary School was founded in 1979 under the terms of the former apartheid government. The area was demarcated for the Indian population and was a consequence of the notorious "Group Areas Act" that separated residential areas for people of various races in South Africa. Since the beginning of Nelson Mandela's presidency in 1994, more and more students have come from the surrounding areas of Inanda and KwaMashu. In these Townships unemployment is high and future perspective low. Currently, about 500 students from these formerly disadvantaged communities are in close proximity to Northmead Secondary School.

Government funding is far from adequate and many students from poorer families cannot afford the low school fees. This means a huge financial burden on the school. The results of this years-long financial gap show in the poor state of preservation. It is urgent to renovate and especially the toilets are extended. Currently only 10 toilets are available for more than 1,000 students. Further information can be found on

Sibusiso Vilane,

Chief Scout of South Africa, mountaineer and adventurer is our team leader and will run the full Cape Town Marathon.

Sibusiso is the first Black African to climb Mount Everest (2003 and 2005) and the Seven Summits and reach the North and South Poles. He is thus a role model for many people and has supported the Scouts since 2013. Together with him, we want to work for a better future for children in South Africa. In 2015, he led us personally through the Cologne Marathon. In May 2018 he tries to climb Mount Everest again.

Join us, support the runners and help the underprivileged children in africa.
Or participate by running for a good cause. We are looking forward to any kind of support!

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Donation Form

I would like to donate for my runner.

100 years Mandela

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, we want to support the Northmead Secondary School near Durban.

Madiba, as he is respectfully called, is like no other statesman and human being known for peace and reconciliation. Despite 27 years of imprisonment, he reached out to the hitherto ruling white minority and ensured the return of South Africa to the world community. He would have been 100 years old on 18 July this year. In his spirit we want to work for better educational opportunities and make South Africa a little fairer. An important motive of his time as President of South Africa is:

Education is the most powerful weapon that u can use to change the world.

Help us in realizing more such projects.

I would like to donate directly

Of course there is also the possibility to donate directly for our projects supporting underpriviliged children in africa. This donation will also be doubled by the company Dr. Willmar Schwabe up to a total amount of €50,000!
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Africa Run 2017

What a RUN! The incredible amount of 63,000 euros in donations have been raised by almost 50 marathon, half-marathon and relay runners as part of the Africa Run of the Umckaloabo Foundation 2017 worldwide (USA, South Africa, Switzerland and Germany) as well as at our joint run in Cologne. This amount was matched with 37,000 euros by the Schwabe group of companies, so that € 100,000 are made available. Again our expectations were exceeded. The proceeds will be used to sponsor the secondary school of the Franciscan Sister Loice Kashangura in a Lusaka township. A big thank you to all runners, the many donors of small and large amount, helpers before and during the run as well as the Schwabe Group. It was a great event with a great result.

Siabonga Kakhulu!

Africa Run 2016

What a great team! Incredible 33.000 Euro of donations have been „run“ by more than 30 Marathon, Half-Marathon and Relay runners at the Karlsruhe Marathon and many other running events in Germany, South Africa and Switzerland. This sum has been doubled by the pharmaceutical company Dr. Willmar Schwabe. So in total 66.000 € were available to develop a secondary school together with Father John in Nthalire/Malawi. That has by far exceeded our expectations and we would like to thank all sponsors, volunteers, supporters and the pharmaceutical company Dr. Willmar Schwabe. It has been a great event and a great success.

Siabonga Kakhulu!

Africa Run 2015

The 20 marathon, half-marathon and relay runners in the context of the Africa Run of the Umckaloabo Foundation and the Nangu Thina e.V. 2015 at our joint run in Cologne have experienced an extraordinary donation of 17,000 €. Under the leadership of the Chief Scout of South Africa Sibusiso Vilane we went in the best weather at the start. This amount of 15.000 € was doubled by the Schwabe Group, so that a total of 30,000 € is available. An enormous amount that we did not expect. The proceeds will be used to fund Scouts South Africa. Nationwide, 100 projects of early childhood education are being implemented by scout groups and the necessary materials will be financed through these funds. A big thank you to all runners, the many small and large donors, helpers before and during the run as well as the Schwabe Group. It was an amazing experience.


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